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Welcome to Florida Blueprint.  Our goal is to provide the highest quality reprographics with the fastest turnaround to meet your busy schedule at a fair price.  We have been providing reprographic services  to Sarasota for over 25 years.

We have several high speed, large format plotters, as well as a large format color plotter.  We can copy most documents up to three feet wide at any length.  Whether they are construction documents, family trees, or model airplane blueprints, we can copy almost anything.

We have the capacity to print both large and small format copies in both color and black and white.  We can print full color poster size plans on bond , glossy paper, or film as well as regular letter size drawings.  We also do the same in black and white.  In other words, no matter if it is color or black and white, large or small, we can take care of it.

We also offer scanning services in both color and black and white, large and small format.  Traditional documents take up space and are subject to degradation over time.  Scanning documents to a digital format preserves them indefinitely, saves space,  and allows you to send them to clients, family, or friends. 

We also can reduce or enlarge your plans to your satisfaction.   Not in scale?  We can figure it out.

For ease of service we also have an  File Transfer Protocol site that allows you to copy and paste your files that need to be printed on our server by following the link to ftp://ftp.floridablueprint.com.  Or, depending on size of file (usually under 10 mb), you can e-mail them to us at srqplots@floridablueprint.com




* Digital copies from CD, E-mail, or FTP site.  If you can get us the file, we can print it.

* Scanning for archival purposes.  Digital files never degrade and storage take much less space

* We will archive plans here for your use while bidding and, or, for construction

* Enlargement and reduction of drawings.  Don’t know the scale?  We will figure it out for you.

* Oversize copies.  Need something 3ft wide by 15 ft?  We can do that.

* Specification books collated and bound

* Drafting supplies

* Plotting Supplies

* Large format copier supplies (plotter bond, translucent bond, vellum, mylar, color bond, etc.)

* We can ship your drawings to where you need them to be

* We use several OCE 9800 machines for high speed plotting and the OCE TCS 500 for color plotting